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City to consider purchase of new fire truck

By JOEL PHELPS | The Arkadelphian

The Arkadelphia Board of Directors will meet today, Jan. 18, with several items to discuss. The meeting takes place at 5:30 p.m. in the Town Hall Boardroom. 

While the meeting is open to the public, residents are encouraged to watch the meeting on Suddenlink Channel 9 or via the livestream.

New fire truck
The Arkadelphia Fire Department could have a new fire engine if directors give administration the nod to purchase one. 

If approved, it will take roughly 17 months to build the $957,272 fire engine and loose equipment such as hoses, pikes and extraction equipment. The purchase would not affect the 2022 budget.

City Manager Gary Brinkley said staff has been working for more than a year to find the best piece of equipment to meet the fire department’s immediate needs and future concerns.

Fire Chief Jason Hunt has narrowed the selection to a Pierce Velocity model with modifications to meet AFD’s specifications. “There are several options as to how the roll-up sections are set up or divided, and each fire department has its own needs,” Brinkley said in a memo.

Gum Springs water project
A change order of $13,319 for the Gum Springs booster pump station is up for approval. If approved, the funds will cover 283 linear feet of chain-link fencing around the pump station, as well as a 20-foot swinging gate.

Chamber of Commerce contract
Directors will consider renewing the annual service contract with the Arkadelphia Chamber of Commerce. “The relationship with the Chamber continues to be strong,” Brinkley wrote to directors in a memo. “Additional work to be accomplished in 2021 was slowed with the pandemic but plans for a prosperous 2022 are in the works.”

The $35,000 contract would be paid in equal monthly installments.

Nikki Chandler, executive vice president for the Chamber, will give a year-end report to the board before it considers renewing the contract.

Parks & Rec appointments
Staff is recommending the reappointment of Carrie Burt and Lesley Galbraith to the Parks & Recreation Committee. Their terms would expire June 2023.

Proposed city ward map
Following the meeting there will be a workshop on the proposed map of city wards and their boundaries.

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