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Gurdon man charged in gun-related incident

A Gurdon man is facing felony charges stemming from a violent altercation involving a pistol at his residence.

Andy Bell, 60, of Gurdon, allegedly beat a female and nearly shot a juvenile during a Nov. 26 disturbance at his home.

According to court documents made public this week, Gurdon police were summoned to Bell’s home for a report of shots being fired. A female reported Bell struck her in the face several times before a juvenile interfered. During the scuffle, Bell reportedly grabbed a pistol from another room and fired one shot, nearly striking the juvenile’s foot before she fled the home.

Bell then returned the aggression toward the adult, whom he struck in the head “several times” with the stock of the pistol. The female was transported to Baptist Health Medical Center-Arkadelphia for treatment to her injuries.

Prosecutors are charging Bell with second-degree battery, aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a minor. As an incompetent person was inside the residence at the time of the alleged beating, Bell is also being charged with endangering that person’s welfare.