City & County

City board holds brief meeting

By Joe May
The Southern Standard

The Arkadelphia Board of Directors worked through a short agenda Tuesday evening.

First on the agenda was the clearing of the title to 1.5 acres of land the city is purchasing in the Clark County Industrial Park for use by the Gum Springs Water Utility, which is administered by the city of Arkadelphia.   Mayor Scott Byrd noted that there was a “blemish” on the title from a 1989 mortgage held by all the banks in the county at the time.  The debt has since been paid, making the issue purely a bookkeeping matter, the mayor explained.

At the motion of Directors Jason Jones and Chris Porter, the board approved the clearing of the title.

In other business, the board approved their annual $500 per month allotment for the Clark County Historical Museum, housed in the old train depot, the Family Community Enrichment Center and the Arkadelphia Council on Aging, which oversees the Senior Citizens Center.  

 Jones noted that he would like to see annual updates from each of the group’s as to their spending of the funds.