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City Manager: Arkadelphia’s SE quadrant getting new traffic, street signs

By Joel Phelps
The Arkadelphian

In a brief address to city directors Tuesday night, Arkadelphia City Manager Gary Brinkley said a change order for a water department project saved the city $70,600.

“Very seldom do I come to you with a change order and say we’re saving money,” Brinkley said of the quantity reduction change order. 

Brinkley added the savings will be needed for and used at the water utilities operations center being built in the Clark County Industrial Park.

A project to replace signs in the southeastern quadrant of the city has begun. Brinkley said traffic and street signs south of Caddo Street between 3rd and 10th streets are being replaced.

Brinkley thanked Assistant Mayor Roland Gosey for his recent welcome at the North Ridge Estates groundbreaking.

Brinkley reminded the board of a Christmas party for city employees, to be held this week at the old Armory building.

The next MLK Memorial Park meeting is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 13, at 10 a.m.

In routine business, Ward 2 director Chris Porter commented on the Arkadelphia Badgers successful season and playoffs game Friday.

Ward 3 director Keith Crews said he’d been approached by more than one citizen regarding the intersection at Country Club Road and North 15th Street. Crews requested the city to review that intersection because of the number of traffic accidents that happen there. He said the stop sign being in the middle of the 15th Street section, combined with its four lanes of traffic rather than two, likely contribute to the problem.

Ward 4 director Reo Cummings thanked Brinkley for including Clark Street repairs to the 2022 budget, and asked for a status update on the roof at the Community Family Enrichment Center. Brinkley responded, saying work to repair the roof should begin within the coming weeks.

Mayor Scott Byrd said the Arkadelphia Christmas Parade was a success. He thanked the Arkadelphia Fire Department for inviting him and Crews to its annual Christmas dinner. Byrd also doted in Arkadelphia for its place in Arkansas Magazine’s list of the best downtowns in the state; Arkadelphia ranked #7 on that list.