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Inmate charged with attack on jailer

By Joel Phelps
The Arkadelphian

A Clark County inmate is facing felony charges after an alleged attack on the chief jailer.

Prosecutors are charging 47-year-old Jonas Demian Key, of 213 Doyle Road, Gurdon, with second-degree battery after a Nov. 11 incident at the Clark County Detention Center.

Court documents released this week indicate that jail administrator Sgt. Fred Phillips entered Key’s cell to dress him out but was greeted with a blow to the face.

“Key was being very wild and Mr. Phillips tried to talk to him to calm him down,” an affidavit states. “Key then swung and hit Mr. Phillips in the left side of his face, knocking his glasses off and cutting his face.”

The affidavit notes that Key had used a carabiner clip as a weapon like brass knuckles during the incident.

At least three other jailers and a trusty joined in the scuffle to help detain Key, who was ultimately tasered but “continued to fight.” Key allegedly bit the trusty who came to officers’ aid, breaking the skin and landing Key an additional misdemeanor battery charge.

Online jail records indicate Key was being held on a disorderly conduct charge at the time of the Nov. 11 incident and has since been released.

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