LETTER: Decrease 911 fees on prepaid phones

Arkansas Representatives, 

I am writing this today to make you aware of the much higher 911 fees that have been implemented on prepaid cell phone services, House Bill 1564 now Act 660. I for one do not mind paying my fair sure for the 911 service. I read the bill only assumes that the average prepaid service is $20. This is not the case as there are prepaid plans that are $45 and $55 some even higher. As the bill states the new implemented fees on prepaid services is set at 10%, were as the fees for a contract cell service is set at $1.30. As the bill has since been passed, I am now paying $4.50 more for my prepaid cell phone service.  

As I stated before I do not mind paying my fair sure for the 911 service. But, when I’m paying almost 3.5 to 5 times more of what persons that have a contract are paying, that’s when I have a problem. 

 I look forward to hearing from you and that a resolution can be made to this over site in higher fees. 

Concerned constituent,

Craig Weatherford
Clark County resident

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