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Mena will be Arkansas’s capital for a day

Mena, Arkansas, is nestled in the Ouachita Mountains. | Shutterstock

Mena will be the state capital of Arkansas on Oct. 20

MENA, Arkansas — The seat of Polk County will momentarily serve as the state’s seat of government, Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced.

The governor’s “Capital for a Day” program highlights cities around Arkansas and and brings the state’s top government officials into town to meet with their local counterparts. On Friday, Oct. 20, 2023, Mena will become Sanders’ first Capital for a Day city.

Located in western Arkansas just a few miles east of the Oklahoma border, Mena was founded in the 19th century and grew quickly as travelers flocked to the region after railroad tracks were laid through Western Arkansas.

With a population of about 5,500 residents, today Mena is the gateway to the Ouachita National Forest and attracts tourists into one of the state’s premier outdoor recreation locations. The town is also a local center for agriculture and manufacturing.

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