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Blind TexARKana man files suit against Caddo Valley Pilot after curb fall

An Arkansas man is suing Pilot Travel Center for injuries he suffered in a parking lot fall at the Caddo Valley, Arkansas, station. | Shutterstock

After suffering fractures to his eye socket and nose from a fall in a store parking lot, a TexARKana man is filing suit against Pilot Travel Center

Court documents filed in Clark County, Arkansas, state that Charles Stuart Santifer fell in the Caddo Valley Pilot parking lot on Dec. 8, 2021.

Santifer was parked in a designated handicap-accessible parking space in front of the store. Blind in his right eye, Santifer exited his vehicle from the driver’s side and walked toward the sidewalk in front of his vehicle. “As he walked toward the elevated sidewalk, he tripped over an unmarked concrete wheel stop, striking his face and head on the concrete,” according to the lawsuit, filed on Santifer’s behalf by Matthew Soyars of the TEXarkana-based Soyars & Soyars law firm.

The suit alleges the wheel stop was unpainted and blended in with the surrounding pavement.

Santifer was taken to Baptist Health Medical Center in Arkadelphia, where a CT scan revealed fractures to both his lower eye socket and nose.

Santifer is seeking compensation for medical treatment, lost wages and pain and suffering.