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Household hazardous waste collection May 20 in Arkadelphia

Household hazardous waste will be collected at the Clark County Fairgrounds on Saturday, May 20, 2023, from 8 a.m. until noon. Call 870-246-7602 or 870-246-5847 for further questions.

Here’s what will be accepted:


Antifreeze, brake and transmission fluid, waxes and polish, cleaning compounds


Oil-based, water/latex-based, stains, shellacs, lacquer, varnish, preservatives, aerosol cans

Thinners, strippers, solvents

Mineral spirits, paint thinners, turpentine, alcohol, other non-chlorinated solvents (check container)

Household pesticides and herbicides

Over-the-counter products and pet care products only. Must be in original containers.

Water-based cleaners

All home cleaners for carpet, drains, metal, mildew, ovens, toilet and ammonia products


Bleaches, Clorox, peroxide, carbon tetrachloride

Compressed gas cylinders

Outdated propane bottles, disposable and expired fuel tanks

Flammable liquids

Kerosene, diesel fuel


Oil filters and spent/used oil, materials in non-original containers or without labels, lead acid batteries (from autos, marine, golf carts, etc.)

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