Babb, Campbell lead Badgers in thriller over Nashville

Badger senior Tripp Campbell lines up a pitch against a Nashville Scrapper in a big win Friday, April 21. | Isaac Bourne/The Arkadelphian

By ISAAC BOURNE | The Arkadelphian

The Arkadelphia Badgers (10-7) took home a much-needed win Friday in the 1-0 effort over the Nashville Scrappers (14-6).

In a game where Arkadelphia had only one hit, the lone run was scored after senior Carter Babb stole home late in the fourth inning on a wild pitch, propelling the Badgers’ stellar defense the rest of the game.

A Scrapper comeback attempt was almost made with two outs in the final inning. Nashville had a runner on second and third, and a hit would almost have certainly prolonged the game or even given them the victory, but after relieving star senior Tripp Campbell, Babb took it upon himself to throw the final three strikes to cement the Badgers’ second win over the 4A-7 powerhouse.

“I knew there was a chance I was going to go in with two outs,” Babb said. “I had already prepared myself, and that guy [Kaleb Halter], he’s a really good hitter. All year I’ve been curveball, curveball, curveball … I knew [for the final strike] I needed to go fastball, catch him off guard, and that’s what happened.”

This game was a crucial win for the Badgers after a mercy-rule loss to Ashdown at home Tuesday night, and now they are just one game back from claiming second place in the region over the Scrappers.

They will get their chance to match Nashville Tuesday night, as the Hope Bobcats (2-12) come to town for another inter-conference matchup.

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