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Man who drove into his own nail salon wants probation | magnoliareporter.com

By BECKY BELL | magnoliareporter.com

Dan Nguyen, who twice ran his black SUV into the front of his business, All-Nails Salon on East Main Street, last October according to a police affidavit, wants to be considered for the Alternative Sentencing Program.

Nguyen, 53, was back in Columbia County Circuit Court with defense attorney David Price on March 16, and used a Vietnamese interpreter provided by the court. Through the interpreter, he entered a non-guilty plea.

Nguyen is charged with endangering the welfare of a minor, aggravated assault, terroristic threatening and criminal mischief count.

When contacted after court about the case, Price had no comment.

The affidavit about the events on October 21, 2022, said that when Magnolia Sgt. Liz Colvin arrived, she saw a black SUV parked in front of All-Nails Salon with damage to the front of the driver’s side and passenger side on the front bumper of the vehicle.

Colvin also observed the front of the salon was badly damaged and the doors of the building were pushed in, and brick columns supporting the building were damaged with bricks and glass on the ground and inside the salon.

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