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MLK Food Pantry established at Peake Rosenwald

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A food pantry is being set up outside Peake Rosenwald School. Called the MLK Food Pantry, it is a partnership between Arkadelphia Public Schools, AmeriCorps, Dawson Education Service Cooperative and Clark County District 2 Justice of the Peace Michael Ankton. 

Unexpired and non-perishable food items are being accepted at the Peake Rosenwald Early Childhood Center, 1604 Caddo St., Arkadelphia, through Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2023.

A ribbon cutting ceremony is to be held Wednesday, Jan. 11, at 10:15 a.m.

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  1. We used to have a well stocked, state supported food bank on 7th street until they closed it for some unknown reason (probably related to someone not making enough, or loosing too much, money) several years ago. I volunteered in that food bank on occasion, and I can tell you there was never any shortage of, not only food items that included frozen meats of every variety, frozen vegetables and frozen meals, but also household necessities, kitchen items and even toys for children. They had a large warehouse area in the back where crates of items would come in with donations from corporations, and they would sort out what they wanted/needed and ship the rest off to another food bank in need, where it would go through the same process. Now we’re left with community supported food pantries begging for donations from individuals, that carries only food items, most of which are prepackaged or canned and/or highly processed foods loaded with salt, sugar and carbs.

    We have billions in state surplus monies, how about we take some of that and reopen some of the food banks that were closed and get back to helping our poor live a better life rather than barely surviving on an unhealthy diet.

    • What I dont understand is, isn’t a Food Pantry suppose to help out when needed. How come food is only being accepted until the 31st. Peake Rosenwald has five classes and only 1 child per class are being chosen.

      • Because it’s all for show, to make the people involved feel like they’re doing something that matters. Religious and non-profits have to give the appearance they are spending all those tax-free dollars donated to help those in need, instead of where they’re actually going — to ever expanding and costly church buildings and outrageous salaries for board members of the non-profits.

      • Hi Tom, a few of my coworkers and I actually started this new food pantry at Peake Rosenwald. We work for AmeriCorps through EngageAR and we have several projects just like this one throughout the year. The part where food is being accepted until the 31st is for the parents of the children that attend in regards to a pop sickle party in the Spring! Anyone who would like to donate is welcome anytime they want to! Somehow the info got mixed up there. However, every child and parent that is in need can willingly take from this pantry, not just 1 per classroom. Peake Rosenwald has almost 100 students, and we are readily prepared to serve each and every one of them if need be. AmeriCorps itself will be continually stocking and keeping the food pantry up to par.

        And Tom…we are all college students making this happen 🙂