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Police arrest 2 for helping Glenwood doctor conceal rapes

Two people with close ties to a child rapist are behind bars today, facing allegations that they turned a blind eye to a decades-long sexual abuse case.

Bryce Walker and Brandy Cox, both of Glenwood, were arrested Monday, Dec. 19, in relation to the investigation of Barry Walker. Law enforcement with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Pike County Sheriff’s Office and 9th West Judicial District Drug Task Force carried out the arrests.

Bryce Walker was booked into the Pike County Jail for the offense of Failure to Report by a Mandated Reporter, a Class A Misdemeanor. Cox was also booked into the Pike County facility for the offense of Permitting the Abuse of a Minor, a Class B Felony.

Both Bryce Walker and Cox were named in a civil lawsuit filed against Barry Walker; the suit claims that Cox took bribes from Barry Walker in exchange for keeping mum about his sexual activities with little girls. That suit also claims the Walker brothers conspired to hide assets to avoid losing them in the aftermath of the judicial proceedings.

Formal charges have not been filed and are pending a decision by Special Prosecutor Dan Turner. Both individuals are expected to appear before Circuit Judge Bryan Chesshir for a first appearance and future court settings.

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  1. Thank the Lord they’re being brought to justice! I prayed they would be arrested, now I pray that God inspires the jury to hand down lengthy prison sentences. These men are pure evil. Jesus Christ said that you cannot serve both God and money (Matt. 6:24) — proven right yet again. Satan uses money to influence people and a good Christian is to prioritize morality over wealth.