LETTER: Sweet memories of Sturgis ballpark

It has been brought to the attention of the public of the city’s decision to implode Sturgis Park.

I drive by there regularly and am saddened by its demise. I also have to smile as I think back to the 60s, when I would sit on the wall at Rose Hill awaiting a foul ball to land so I could try to out-duel the other half-dozen youngsters hoping to do the same. A free coke was at stake. I received the worst headache and knot as big as a goose egg from one of the contests.

I played 6 years on that field from Junior Babe Ruth through Senior Babe Ruth, 13-18. Wonderful memories of hot summer nights. I coached for a couple of years later. I have fond memories of the men that I played for: Ralph Long comes to mind, and the Colonial Bread team.

Mr. John Sturgis, a successful businessman in the community at the time, donated a significant amount of money to the city to upgrade the facilities as well as provide equipment for us to use. I used a glove that he provided the 6 years I played. We had bats, balls and equipment in a storage building behind the concession stand.

I don’t remember a lot about Mr. Sturgis; hopefully some others that enjoyed that time can share more. I do remember he drove a long Cadillac and smoked a long cigar. I never thanked Mr. Sturgis, but maybe a plaque to commemorate his efforts there will suffice.

I hope the city can find a good use for the land, maybe some kind of a dog park and playground for that Sweet Hill Community.

— David Golden, Arkadelphia resident

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  1. Sturgis Field while it may not have appeared to have been anything special, it was The Home of State Champions. Sturgis was home for the back to back 2013-2014, 4A State Champion Arkadelphia Badgers. May the memories made there never be forgotten.