EDCCC talks Hostess, ‘Yellow Pine’ and ‘Innovex’

By Joel Phelps
The Arkadelphian

The Economic Development Corp. of Clark County discussed several issues during its monthly meeting Tuesday, with topics ranging from the process businesses could apply for tax incentives to prospective companies interested in operating in Clark County.

Hostess Brands, which announced earlier this month it would begin an operation in the old Danfoss facility in the Clark County Industrial Park, has been earmarked to receive $2 million from the EDCCC’s “old tax” account. It was said in Tuesday’s meeting that no tax money has yet been sent to Hostess, as the company has to fulfill certain commitments prior to receiving a grant. But that appears to be happening.

“They’re working inside the Hostess building as we speak,” Griffin said. “They’re already working on it. Not just engineers; they’re building things.”

Project “Innovex” and “Yellow Pine”
One of five prospective companies showing interest in Clark County, Project “Innovex” is “still coming,” Griffin said. After the meeting, Jester told The Arkadelphian that the company produces a charge used underground to tap oil and natural gas. 

While “Innovex” would manufacture a tool for the fracking industry, Jester assured there would be no fracking involved locally. “They make a tool that performs a job,” he said, adding the proprietary technology the company has developed is one reason the project is moving faster than normal prospects. “It’s a pretty promising thing,” Jester said. “They’re trying to move a proprietary technology to the market.”

“Innovex” is interested in 70 acres of EDCCC land. Officials continue working on surveying the property, and an easement from the previous owner has caused a setback in that process, Griffin said.

Griffin only named one of the other four projects, “Yellow Pine,” but said he felt like that one could be “fading.”

“They’re still in there,” he said. “As time goes by it seems like they’re fading to me. I’m hoping I’m dead wrong about that.” Griffin said consultants are evaluating whether there are enough natural resources to supply the company’s production demands. “We’re pretty sure they do,” he said.

A source in the lumber production industry told The Arkadelphian the mill would manufacture 500 million board feet of final product. That source also said there are several plants in the south that produce upwards to 300 million board feet, and a “couple” that produce 400 million board feet, “but none in the south that big.”

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