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Parks & Rec introduces youth archery program

By Emma Milner
City of Arkadelphia

ARKADELPHIA — Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation is continuing to expand its program offerings by introducing a new spring sport: Youth archery. Designed for children ages 6-18, the program will teach children the basics of archery, with a focus on range safety practices.

Recreations Program Manager Mickey Bivens will be leading the four-week course. An avid archer, Bivens came to Arkadelphia with a decade of teaching experience. 

“Archery is a fast-growing sport that teaches hand-eye coordination and self-awareness,” Bivens says. “With it just being four-weeks, kids have a chance to try something new and see if they like it. It’s going to be great!”

Archery is one of several new youth programs Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation has added in the past six months. Parks and Recreation Director Junior Rodemeyer says this is all part of his department’s commitment to offer diverse programming options.

“We’re always striving to offer our community more opportunities to get involved and to get outside,” Rodemeyer says. “This educational program is spot on for our region, and I’m confident Mickey will do a great job in leading it.”

Whether it be holding a bow or shooting an arrow, parents can expect their child to learn a range of unique skills throughout the program. However, Bivens says the most important lesson they will learn is one that cannot be measured in bullseyes.

“Archery teaches self-confidence,” Bivens says. “There is nothing more rewarding than watching a child who is so unsure of themselves week one, go out to the car and ask mom or dad to come watch them at the range by week four. That’s what archery is all about: building kids up.”

Registration for Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation’s youth archery program is open from now until Sunday, March 27. Spots are limited. Visit to sign up.