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Clark County real estate transactions through Jan. 28

Clark County real estate transactions recorded Jan. 15-28 having a value of $100,000 or greater. Information is gathered from public records held by the Clark County Circuit Clerk.

Ivan G. and Calli Birch sold Lot 2 of Arkadelphia’s Willowbrook Phase 1 to Mary Elizabeth Wyatt for $239,999.

Gaysha Owens sold all of Lot 9 in Arkadelphia’s Walnut Street Addition to Lakesha Monique Hughes for $121,300.

Terry and Sharon Hearnsberger sold part of S33 T6S R20W (2 acres) to Brian and Mandy Grimm for $180,000.

The estate of Norman Elliott Michelson sold part of T7S R21W to Joyce Meiser for $166,100.

James and Sue McIntyre sold part of S27 T5S R23W (3 acres) to Terry and Carol Curtiss for $224,900.

Shaylah Montgomery, Renee Morris and Justin Montgomery sold Lot 3 of Arkadelphia’s Walnut Street Addition to Arron Scott Womble for $124,900.

Caddo Trading Company sold part of lots 4-6 of Block 6 to Arkadelphia’s Browning’s Survey (Caddo Pawn) to the Arkansas State Highway Department for $162,600.

Donald and Veniece Dawley sold Lot 6 of Arkadelphia’s Riverside Subdivision to Jenny and Fred Anderson for $225,000.

Isaac and Lakesha Perry sold the north half of Lot 36 and and all of Lot 37 in Block 5 of Arkadelphia’s Hill Crest Addition No. 1 to Blaine and Rebecca Funderburk for $100,000.

James Clay sold Lot 36 of Arkadelphia’s Abraham Property to Melissa Hunter Ashley for $168,000.

Ki and Kayla Hartsfield sold S12 T5S R23W (50 acres) to Summit Properties LLC for $240,000.

Daniel and Sabrina Lowe sold Lot 11 in Caddo Valley’s Fossil Creek Subdivision to Taide Fraire for $140,000.

Vivian Burton sold Lots 7-9 in Block 1 of Arkadelphia’s C.E. Wade’s Subdivision to Madijack Properties LLC for $100,000.

Elizabeth Morris sold Lots 201, 38-57, 192-199 and 201-215 of Arkadelphia’s North Park Addition to John W. Kiser Jr., Brenda Kiser, John W. Kiser III and Willie C. Kiser for $220,000.

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