City & County

Clark County real estate transactions

The following real estate transactions totaling $100,000 or more were recorded over the past two weeks and filed at the Clark County Circuit Clerk’s Office.

Dennis and Juanita Mauldin purchased 198 Dress Road, Arkadelphia, for $100,500.

Steven and Lori Sheets purchased 25 acres on Parr Road from Vincent Harris for $110,000.

Jeffery and Jeronica Henry purchased 303 Charlotte Dr. of Gurdon’s Pinewoods Addition (Lots 16 and 17) for $142,800.

Eric and Erica Hughes purchased all of Block 44 of Arkadelphia’s Browning Addition from the City of Arkadelphia for $350,000.

Randy and Denae Bateman purchased 1801 Forrest Park Dr., Arkadelphia, for $102,500.

MWF IV Texarkana, LLC, purchased 124 acres south of Gurdon for $239,461.

Katelyn and Andrew Chambers purchased Lot 6 of Fox Hollow subdivision from Morgan and Veronica Meadows for $157,000.

Donna Tackett purchased Lot 44 of Gurdon’s Pleasant Forest Addition from Roy and Carolyn Quinney for $110,000.