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Man charged in machete incident on Amity square

Clark County prosecutors are charging a man Amity police say was wielding a machete in public.

Jeremy Boyd Buck, 33, of 340 Pine St., Amity, was arrested in downtown Amity on Nov. 25 after a 911 call prompted authorities to respond there for a man threatening a woman with a machete.

The 911 caller reported the man, later identified as Buck, had pulled a machete and pointed it at the woman and “went toward her.” The caller followed the pair and, after an attempt to aid the woman, Buck turned and threatened him also with the machete, telling him to mind his own business, according to court documents filed this week with the Clark County Circuit Clerk’s Office.

Amity Police Chief Garry “B.J.” Johns arrived on scene and made contact with Buck and the female on the sidewalk outside Chambers Bank on West Thompson Street. Johns inquired what had happened, and an “extremely agitated” Buck responded that nothing had happened and he wasn’t going back to jail, an affidavit notes. Buck then began walking away from Johns; asked to halt, Buck became “more irrational” and claimed police were harassing him.

Johns then asked Buck if he was toting a machete, and Buck raised his shirt, showing a machete, and Johns noticed he also had a pistol in his waistband. That’s when Johns reportedly instructed Buck to raise his hands and keep them away from both weapons. The affidavit states that Buck didn’t comply and again declared he wasn’t returning to jail.

Johns then advised dispatchers the suspect was armed, and requested backup. He then tazered Buck to detain him until other officers arrived on scene. Once backup arrived, the firearm was removed from Buck’s waistband. Johns claims in the affidavit that Buck made threats toward him, saying he would “take care of him” once he got out of jail.

Buck was arrested and transported to the Clark County Detention Center, where he remains in custody as of Dec. 21.