Local event helping raise human trafficking awareness

In smaller communities, some of the world’s biggest problems sometimes seem far away and an issue for someone else to conquer. Human trafficking, however, can begin at any point in the world and Arkadelphia’s proximity to I-30 means the issue is not necessarily as far away as it might seem. A local group is partnering with A21, an organization focusing on eliminating human trafficking, for a local event Saturday, October 16, at the Arkadelphia High School track. 

According to their website, A21 is “one of the larger organizations in the world that is solely fighting human trafficking” on all levels” – local, national, and international. A21 works with groups around the world to conduct research, educate, and address the issue. 

Josiah Elmore, event organizer, is inviting everyone to join the local walk. Participants will walk four times around the track for a total of one mile in complete silence as a means of showing support for those affected by human trafficking. According to Elmore, the purpose is “to show our support and let people know that this issue can happen anywhere in the world, not just thousands of miles away.” Elmore applauded the efforts of the A21 organization, adding that this walk gives locals a chance to support the cause. 

Those who walk are asked to register in advance at a21.org/arkadelphia. There is no charge to register but participants may choose to buy branded clothing to show support. Walkers are asked to wear black clothing, if possible. 

Parking is available and anyone who wants to walk is asked to be on the track no later than 3 p.m. to be ready to walk at 3:30. Participants are asked to stay off the football field. No pets are allowed and facemasks are optional.

For more information about A21 or to make a purchase or donate, visit their website, accessible from the sign-in page.

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