Mr. GoodTime’s Hearsay Fishing Report

By Lee Seale
Mr. GoodTime

Hey, Mr. Goodtime again. Well, I hope you’ve all had a good week, and I sure hope you’re enjoying the tips and material we have been putting together the past few weeks; I know I have sure enjoyed it myself.

Let’s get back to the Top 5 things a fisherman must have. Counting down, Number 4 would be to be in shape. I’m talking about a little pep in your step! I will run at least 10 or 15 yards before I’m out of breath! I remember a few years back my brother and I had decided we were going to go fishing and work later that evening. First thing that morning we went to my sure-enough honey hole.

I was not planning on cutting ol’ Rob any slack — I knew exactly where to cast and what baits to use. Turned out that was exactly what did not happen! He wore me out, catching fish probably 3-to-1, not to mention doing all this using my brand new rod and reel. But I was not giving up that easy.

We went to another pond I knew, hopping to change the odds. Same action there, too. By that time I was pretty give out. Walking banks and climbing fences will wear you out. Rob was starting to really get antsy about getting back to work, but I was able to persuade him to hit one more pond — not just any pond — it was one we both knew, and knew it wouldn’t be the smartest decision to try and sneak into, but I was mad so I did not care. Big mistake.

We parked my truck next to the end of the property line and went right in there like we owned the place. We were not there five minutes when we heard a truck coming down the road. I listened as it got closer, hoping it would just pass by and pay my truck no mind. I hadn’t had any luck that day, and there was no reason for a change at that point. The truck stopped and shut off. I looked back at my brother, thinking, Hey you’re the big brother: get me out of this! He says to me, “I think I’m gonna run that way” and pointed in a direction. I said, “Well, what do I do.” He said, “Well, little brother, it’s your truck: you gotta go out there and face them.”

I looked back in the direction of the truck for a split second and then turned back in my brother’s direction, hoping for another plan. He was gone — I’m talking about disappeared like Native Americans in a Western movie! Needless to say, the person at my truck was not there just to greet me, but that’s another story.

The moral to this story is my brother was still in pretty good shape to be able to get out of there that fast, and that probably saved us from more trouble. He can’t play dumb like I can, so what I’m trying to tell you is if you’re going to do some sneaking-around fishing, be sure you are in your buddy’s vehicle so you can still run — or at least trip your fishing partner!

Next week we will discuss the Number 3 thing a fisherman must have, which is good fishing bait. Catch us next Thursday and I’ll have a lot of explaining to do! Until then, God bless and whatever you have going this week, have a good time doing it.

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