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Hope businessman runs for state senate seat

Mark Silvey

Mark Silvey, a pastor and small business owner, has announced his candidacy as a Republican for State Senate in District 3. This district includes all of Columbia, Lafayette, Clark, and Nevada counties, and parts of Hempstead, Hot Spring, and Pike counties.  

Silvey said he is running because “the people of District 3 need to have a consistent conservative as their representative, and I will be a conservative vote 100% of the time. The people also need a representative who will put the rights of the people first over the desires of big corporate money interests or big party officials.  My first priority will be to guard the God-given rights of the people I represent. I am the only candidate in this race who will not be funded by Democrats or big corporate money lobbyists. I pledge not to take money from these sources, because I will not be compromised by them.”  

“I am inspired to this work by one of our founding fathers, Frederick Muhlenberg. He was a pastor who at first opposed the idea of Christians getting involved in government. Later when the British threatened his home and freedoms, he decided to get involved. He eventually went on to become the first speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, and as such had the privilege of putting his signature on the Bill of Rights. In one hand he held the Bible and stood for what is right. In the other, he held the Constitution and stood for the rights of the people.”  

Key issues Silvey said he will stand strong on are “protecting the God-given rights of the people, protecting life, protecting children from the LGBTQ agenda, opposing vaccine mandates, substantially reducing government spending and taxes, and supporting the Second Amendment.” 

Silvey was born in Southwest Arkansas, and spent most of his growing up years there. He strongly believes in the importance of family, church, and good government. Married to Dana for 33 years, they have been blessed with seven children and two grandchildren. Since 2011, the Silveys have lived on a small family farm near Hope. They sell farm goods at a local farmer’s market and operate several small businesses. They sing bluegrass gospel music together as a family and are active in the community singing at churches, festivals, and community events. 

Silvey serves as pastor at Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Rosston. After experiencing the “misguided and unconstitutional restrictions” of Covid, he has been actively involved in governmental policy and working to elect candidates who will stand for the Constitutional rights of the people. He now wants to serve in the government to stand for what is right and for the rights of the people in the state of Arkansas. 

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