BITS & PIECES: HSU parting ways with properties

By JOEL PHELPS | arkadelphian.com

Four properties owned by Henderson State University are due for demolition soon. Three properties on South 12th Street across from the Russell Fine Arts Center, as well as one property on Evans Street, will be torn down in coming days, a university spokesperson told us Tuesday. Among the properties are an Art Studio and the Bowen House, which the college has used as a music annex. University leaders and the Henderson Foundation are in talks of the potential uses for the land once the homes are razed.

An ongoing poll on our website indicates that readers want Arkadelphia High School to offer as many agriculture classes as are available. It’s likely, however, that the school district will first test the waters of ag instruction with an introductory course and/or shop courses to see if there’s interest to fully launch an ag program. It’s been said in public meetings that plant and animal sciences could follow suit. CLICK HERE to cast your vote. The poll ends first thing Friday morning.

Community leaders are organizing a rally to promote the construction of the future MLK Memorial Park at 15th and Pine streets. The rally will be held Saturday, Nov. 18, beginning at 11 a.m. CLICK here to see the Community Calendar entry for more information. We’re planning an article on this topic soon.

We now offer a Classifieds page. Use it or lose it.

Covering a recent meeting, we noticed a face that seemed out of place. Not that said person wasn’t invited, as the meeting was open to the public, but that this face wasn’t one commonly seen in this setting. We had a hunch as to why the person was there, but had to ask how he knew what this particular board would be discussing. His response was brief and to the point: “How do you think I knew? I saw it on your website.” It gives us a warm feeling inside to know that we’re informing the community about the community, and it’s always nice to hear someone say “I read it in The Arkadelphian.”

Poorly written, huh? Perhaps next time we’ll be more inclined to share the full, unedited dialogue.

If, like us, you think cigarette butts are unsightly, there’s a new problem on the horizon: what happens to disposable vape cartridges once they’re out of juice? The Associated Press last week shed some light on what we expect will be a nationwide environmental issue, as the rechargeable devices contain lithium and really shouldn’t be tossed in the trash. Lots of wasted plastic, too.

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