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Clark County inmates held in the state prison system

As of Oct. 1, there were 332 people listed as Clark County inmates by the state Department of Corrections website


There is one additional Clark County inmate in the state prison system compared to September numbers. The inmates are distributed among several institutions across the state.

The total includes 309 men and 23 women. There are 161 black inmates, 166 white inmates and five of other races.

The following Clark County inmates have a parole- or transfer-eligible date this month, although there are several factors that could affect any individual release for months or years.

Jordan D. Blanchard, 30, is serving a 4-year sentence at the Ouachita River Correctional Unit in Malvern for a pair of drug possession convictions, along with probation revocation and an enhancement as habitual offender, dating to 2018 and 2019. Charges from both cases were the result of police finding cocaine in Blanchard’s possession.

Terry Roberts, 47, is serving an 8-year sentence at the Varner Unit in Gould for a conviction of fleeing that caused serious injury, a case that was opened in 2022. Roberts’s current prison term also includes convictions in Garland County of failure to appear and property theft.

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Justin R. Schoenenberger, 26, is serving an 18-year sentence at the Wrightsville Hawkins for Males. Schoenenberger was convicted of first-degree battery in a 2018 case in which he battered a toddler, causing vaginal injuries that required surgery at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Clyde B. Thornton, 47, is serving a 12-year sentence at the Tucker Unit for forgery convictions in three Arkansas counties. Thornton has a prior 2003 conviction of forgery in Clark County, as well as forgery convictions in seven other counties and one out of state.