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Week in Clark County history: Sept. 10

For the Week in Clark County History, we combed through bound copies of the Daily Siftings Herald housed in the archives at Ouachita Baptist University. Here are some front-page news briefs from editions dating 10, 20 and 30 years ago.

10 years ago (2013)

Named the OEM Area Coordinator of the Year for Southwest Arkansas for 2013, Mikki Hastings was awarded for her contribution working as the director of Clark County’s Office of Emergency Management. Hastings served the local OEM office as a volunteer in 2003. During this time she assisted then-OEM-director Jim Burns in assisting with a federal disaster.

A grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to commemorate the opening of Henderson State University’s new dining facility. The original dining facility was built in 1949. Sixty-four years later, many felt that it was time to rebuild the facility; to modernize.

Colby Daniell poses behind a 450-pound pumpkin he grew in the garden at his family’s Hollywood home. The giant gourd landed him first place in the pumpkin of the Great Watermelon and Pumpkin weigh-in, which was held at the Arts and Crafts Building of the fairgrounds.

20 years ago (2003)

A Little Rock man, for unknown reasons, decided to grab some fast food in Caddo Valley wearing only a Speedo and a T-shirt. The weekend took an unexpected turn for fast food workers and customers both who weren’t expecting to encounter the individual, who faced charges for indecent exposure, which carried a $750 fine and possible jail time. Nobody was sure why the patron opted against using the restaurant’s drive-thru window.

Heavy equipment is used to drive pilings at the site of the expanded Pine Street bridge across Interstate 30. Originally, the bridge consisted of two lanes, but after construction it added an additional two more to help with traffic flow. The total cost of expansion resulted in $2 million to complete.

Police and fire department personnel responded to Arkadelphia Walmart to assess a situation where an unidentified caller told store employees there was a bomb in the electronics section of the store. Police requested the assistance of the Arkansas State Police and a bomb-sniffing dog. After searching the store with the help of a bomb-sniffing dog, emergency and store personnel, the police chief concluded that nothing was found in the store.

30 years ago (1993)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife awarded former Arkadelphian Nancy Spargo DeLamar the National Wetlands Conservation Award for her efforts to protect wetlands and helping to secure passage of the Arkansas-Idaho Land Exchange Act of 1992.

Using a flash and quarter-second exposure, local photographer Ralph Malone captured a stunning image of the Zipper ride the 1993 Clark County Fair.

The Arkadelphia Board of Directors approved the $50,000 purchase of the old Arkadelphia Airport Hangar after it was burned down 11 years earlier. Henderson State University’s Aviation Department won the contract to operate and maintain the hangar. Then-City Manager Steve Beck opted to help pay the costs with the capital improvement fund. Efforts to rebuild the hanger cost an estimated $82,000-$107,000.

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