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Caddo Valley police chief position remains open

By LESLIE R. KENT | The Arkadelphian

Caddo Valley Police Chief Roy Bethell retired early — in fact, he retired before he could even claim the title.

Recently named to head the Caddo Valley Police Department, Bethell notified city leaders Wednesday that he had decided to retire from law enforcement and would not be taking the job of police chief.

In an interview Thursday afternoon, Mayor Joe Jackson said he was informed after Bethell notified City Hall and current Chief Aaron Collier with his decision to retire. Jackson said he was not given any reason for Bethell’s apparent last-minute decision when they spoke later in the day. “And I did not ask,” the mayor added. Asked if he had any reason to believe that Bethell had perhaps experienced another “Awe (expletive)” moment, Jackson replied, “Nothing that was [either] not hearsay or illegal.” 

Regarding the restart of the hiring process, Jackson noted that four of the remaining seven applicants were being considered and would be interviewed Friday. “I hope to make my decision over the weekend,” Jackson said when asked about the timeline for announcing the new chief of police.

The city has contingency plans if the new chief is not on board by July 13, which is Chief Collier’s last day, according to Jackson.


CADDO VALLEY — The search for a new police chief continues after a last-minute decision by Roy Bethell that he is retiring from law enforcement.

Bethell was to begin his new role as Caddo Valley’s incoming police chief this week, but instead informed city leaders otherwise on Wednesday, the city mayor told The Arkadelphian Thursday. Outgoing Police Chief Aaron Collier’s last day with the department will be July 13. Collier has taken a position with Arkansas Highway Police.

Caddo Valley Mayor Joe Jackson said the city will restart the interview process with other applicants.

Bethell was one of nine candidates who applied for the position as of June 23.

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