AGFC: DeGray Lake putting out “personal bests”

Arkansas Game & Fish Commission

These crappie were reeled in by a pair of anglers fishing at DeGray Lake.

There will be some new anglers and the occasional slightly more experienced angler this weekend who very likely will be catching their personal best fish, no matter the species. For Andrew and Kip, who have been out on the water before, their personal best crappie while fishing with guide John Duncan on DeGray Lake were something to behold. Very nice crappie are being pulled out of DeGray and are still biting well in various spots around the state.

Duncan, who is featured this week in the AGFC’s Weekly Newsletter and on the “News” page of agfc.com by Randy Zellers on a story about livescoping, tells the Fishing Reporter that “if you’re not fishing” DeGray, you should be. 

He said, “Crappie are going strong. The bigger fish are moving back into the brush piles. Catching fish in water from 14-24 feet. Watch the thermocline and keep moving until  you find the ones that respond. Fish close. Minnows and slip bobbers are my choice this time of year. Drop-shots, jigs and sniping work, also.” Couple the biting crappie with a bream bite that is on fire, and DeGray Lake should probably be high on your list of destinations for free fishing this weekend.

But DeGray is not the only place around the state with a great report heading to this big fishing weekend. If you want to know more, check out this week’s Fishing Report.

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