ADH: Wastewater leak affects Caddo River between Glenwood and Amity

The Caddo River near Glenwood, Arkansas. | Shutterstock

The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) issued a notification of the leakage of wastewater from the City of Glenwood’s wastewater treatment plant equalization basin into the Caddo River beginning on or before May 10, 2023.

The Glenwood wastewater treatment plant equalization basin is near the Livestock Auction on the south side of US Highway 70 in Glenwood, Arkansas. Repair work on the wastewater treatment plant is in progress.

ADH recommends avoiding primary body contact with the water in the Caddo River for the section of the river beginning at the US Highway 70 Bridge over the Caddo River in Glenwood and continuing downstream to the Highway 84 Bridge east of Amity, Arkansas.

The Amity public water system has a drinking water intake on the Caddo River in the potentially affected area and has already increased the disinfectant residual added at the treatment plant to compensate for any additional microbiological loading.

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  1. Wonder why ADH didn’t issue same for Ouachita River downstream from Hot Springs and Malvern discharges?? Surely politics didn’t play a part!

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