READER POLL: Prison not welcome in Clark County

In response to Hempstead County citizens’ opposition to erecting a state prison in Blevins, we asked Clark Countians if they would be supportive of building a state prison in their area.

The poll was up for two weeks with 85 website visitors participating in the poll. Here are the results:

Yes — I would welcome a state prison in Clark County
37 votes

No — Take your prison elsewhere
48 votes

85 total votes

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  1. Funny how Republicans want to build more prisons bur the redest countries don’t want it in their back yards

  2. I didn’t see the poll so I didn’t vote but if I had I would have voted for it. Yes.

  3. I’m surprised Clark County wouldn’t be interested in this opportunity. I guess losing the business of that Chinese paper company didn’t phase these people looking to bring more jobs to the area.

  4. I don’t blame any of these people in either county bring more jobs that’s a joke they hired an out of state medical staff when they should have hired people right here in ark and why build a new prison when they need to take care of the prison’s that we already have they are in bad need of repairs and to expect a county to buy the land and then turn around and just give it to them l say if you want to build a prison then you can buy the land