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Centerpoint students practice making real-life money management skills

Centerpoint High Students learned real-life lessons about money management on March 27-29. Get Real, Here’s the Deal is a hands-on experiential simulation that gives young people the opportunity to experience their future in a financial decision-making mode. High school students learn by doing in the Get Real, Here’s the Deal personal finance simulation.

Centerpoint students participate in the recent Get Real, Here’s the Deal simulation on real-life lessons and money management.

Participants learn how to use basic financial tools such as balancing a check book, managing credit, and making financial decisions. Students will see the impact of occupation and lifestyle choices on financial resources. They will experience the responsibility of meeting basic living expenses using monthly income. The simulation provides an opportunity for youth to learn from financial mistakes in a safe, simulation environment and observe how financial decisions can impact their financial security for decades. The program takes advantage of a teachable moment – when high school students are beginning to think about and prepare for life on their own.

The simulation was organized by Mrs. Walker and Mr. Morado. The simulation was taught by Clark, Pike, and Hot Spring County Cooperative Extension Service Agents, JoAnn Vann,
Karalee Black, and Jessica Rodriguez.

Get Real, Here’s the Deal is designed for youth grades 9-12 and can be conducted in schools and community-based locations. Interested in hosting this program with your youth group? For more information, contact JoAnn Vann at the Clark County Extension Service at 640 S. 6th St, Suite B in Arkadelphia, by phone at 870-246-228, or email at

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  1. They need to be taught how to handle their personal finances, not rushed through a “simulation” line from station to station like a herd of cattle filling out a form that will end up in the trash at the end of the day. Not only personal finance, but nutritional and dietary requirements as well. I’m not talking about a couple of day “simulation”, but an entire semester, or at the very least half a semester, course with books, lessons and information that they will remember for more than a day.