BITS & PIECES: Arby’s is relocating

By JOEL PHELPS | The Arkadelphian

Getting sick is no fun. I spent Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday in bed, and gave “the keys” of this operation to Kelly Stiles, our advertising sales manager. It’s thanks to her that the website continued to operate. Now that I’m back in the saddle, I’m not sure which is worse: letting sickness kick me down, or playing catch-up.

I was saddened to learn of the passing of Mike Wilkins. I am among those who remember him giving out Blow Pops to us young students. That was 20 years ago! I saw him in recent years and stopped him to chat. “You probably don’t remember me,” I had said. He didn’t recognize the bearded stranger standing before him, but remembered me as a cotton-headed little boy. Seeing his obituary this morning caught me by surprise. It is a wonderful tribute, and one worth reading even if you didn’t know Mr. Mickey.

Still waiting on APD to add the location felony incidents to the cover sheet of those reports.

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I miss the chubby Jonah Hill.

Work is progressing at the new Exxon gas station at 10th and Pine streets. Local operator Randy Dixon wasn’t ready to discuss it when we reached out in February. There’s talk that the Exxon stations will be under the ownership of SQRL. We will know more when Mr. Dixon is ready to talk. SQRL or Exxon, I’m ready for my favorite convenience store/gas station to be open again.

I’ll be wearing Blue for Brent this Friday. I hope you will, too.

Recent filings in the Clark County Circuit Clerk’s Office indicate that Arby’s will be relocating to West Pine Street, as a plat titled “Arby’s Addition” shows a lot between Car Mart and Auto Zone. We contacted the company’s public relations with no success, and have had no luck getting in touch with a local manager to find out when construction on the new restaurant will begin.

Instant mashed potatoes are underrated.

Joel Phelps is editor and publisher of The Arkadelphian. Don’t wanna be a millionaire/Just lookin’ for my proper share! He can be reached by phone at 501-304-2134 or by email at editor@arkadelphian.com.

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