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Henderson posts Spring ’23 enrollment numbers

Henderson State University on Thursday reported its student enrollment for Spring 2023.

As of Jan. 31, 2023, there were 2,219 students enrolled for the traditional spring semester. 

The university reported a Fall 2022 enrollment of 2,536 pupils, a difference of 317 students. Most universities suffer a drop-off between fall and spring enrollments. Henderson reported that 268 students, some of whom were August graduates who opted to walk in December, graduated in December 2022.

Chancellor Dr. Chuck Ambrose said the university had a retention rate of 78% among first-time freshmen from fall to spring and is “in the process of building the supports needed to improve retention and student success. Our primary focus is to open the doors of access and opportunity by helping students stay in school and graduate.”

The retention rate between terms last academic year was 82 percent, and two years ago was 77 percent.