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City board hears report on Ouachita River spill

By JOE MAY | The Southern Standard

In a brief meeting of the Arkadelphia board of directors Tuesday evening, City Manager Gary Brinkley stated that a chemical spill into the Ouachita River at Malvern should not have any effect on local water.

“There’s a lot of vegetation and stuff between here and there.”

— Gary Brinkley, Arkadelphia city manager

Brinkley stated that in response to questions from locals, the spillage of hydraulic oil into a creek that leads to the river by Anthony Timberlands’ Malvern mill has not caused any issue locally as of yet. The spill, reported on January 5, caused the mill to shut down for a month as officials probe the cause of the spill.

“There’s a lot of vegetation and stuff between here and there,” Brinkley said, adding that local water officials are able to look for any chemical infiltration.

The Arkadelphia water intake station on the Ouachita River as seen from DeSoto Bluff.

At the motion of Director Keith Crews, the board voted to provide their annual  $35,000 stipend to the Chamber of Commerce. Brinkley noted that Chamber Director Nikki Chandler was unable to speak to the board as she has resigned to take a position at the new Hostess plant in Gum Springs.

After hearing a report from the Clark County Historical Museum, the board voted to provide them with their annual $6,000 stipend.

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