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Clark County officials sworn in

A swearing in ceremony was held Sunday, Jan. 1, 2023, at Trinity Temple Assembly of God for Clark County elected officials and deputies. The event was emceed by county Judge Troy Tucker. Circuit Judge Blake Batson conducted the oaths, along with District Judge Randy Hill.

Tucker and Prosecutor Dan Turner were sworn in but regrettably are not pictured.

Clark County Justices of the Peace
Sheriff Jason Watson
Clark County sheriff’s deputies
Bill Ratliff, Caddo Valley alderman
Billy Tarpley, Gurdon alderman
Gurdon Mayor Larry Thomerson
Cabb Batson and Sandra Blanton, administrative assistants to the county judge
Tate Chanler, director of the county Office of Emergency Management
Volunteer deputies of the county Office of Emergency Management
Treasurer Karen Arnold
Deputies of the county treasurer’s office
Assessor Mona Vance
Deputies of the assessor’s office
Circuit Clerk Brian Daniel
Deputies of the circuit clerk’s office
County Clerk Tracy Rider
Deputies of the county clerk’s office
Caddo Township Constable George Hawthorn
Deputies of the prosecuting attorney’s office.

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