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Police nab immigrant trio for baby formula theft

Three females believed to be part of a traveling ring of thieves were arrested in Arkadelphia after returning to the store where their alleged theft was committed.

On Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022, the officers with the Arkadelphia Police Department were summoned to Brookshire’s grocery store regarding three shoplifting suspects. As the officers arrived, the suspects fled the scene in a vehicle. Cpl. Jake Voss was able to make a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle at the intersection of Walnut and South 23rd streets.

According to a police report, Voss located large grocery bags full of baby formula, as well as packages of diapers, in the rear of the vehicle. According to a report written by Officer Jayson Weston, police obtained information that the suspects were part of a “ring going around stealing.”

Grocery store employees had originally reported the suspects on Oct. 9 when more than two dozen cans of baby formula were taken from the establishment. Once a more thorough inventory was taken it was determined that 46 cans of formula — a total value of $900 — were stolen, according to the police report. Surveillance footage showed the women stuffing the items in their dresses. They were identified during the initial theft report as females wearing headdresses as they fled from the store and drove away in a black KIA minivan.

During the traffic stop Thursday police visually identified the three ladies as the suspects from the previous thefts. They were arrested and transported to the Clark County Detention Center for positive identification. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was also contacted to identify the suspects. All three returned as illegal immigrants.

After the booking process the suspects were released from jail custody with citations and court dates. Their ID cards showed them to have residences in Colorado and Houston, Texas.