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Quorum Court to decide JP raises

Members of the Clark County Quorum Court will decide in November whether its members should receive a bump in their pay for the meetings they attend.

First on the agenda is an annual report from Amy Simpson, the county’s extension agent. Following Simpson’s report justices will consider a per diem increase for themselves. Proposed by District 4 JP Albert Neal, justices would make $250 per attended quorum court meeting, an increase of $50 per meeting. Neal’s proposal has been discussed at recent meetings of the county’s Personnel and Budget committees, with approval from each to send it to the full court for consideration.

Next, justices will hear an ordinance they pass annually levying taxes on real and personal property for 2022 collectible in 2023.

Finally, the court will consider an ordinance creating a general sub-fund titled the Local Assistance Tribal Consistency Fund. It would track revenues made available to the county under the American Rescue Plan Act.

Since the full court last met, the Personnel and Budget committees have heard a request from Sheriff Jason Watson to increase salaries across the board for his department. Citing a shortage of deputies and jailers, Watson requested a $2,500 increase to those salaries. The Personnel Committee countered that proposal and sent to the Budget Committee its recommendation to allow a $1,500 salary increase; Budget would later vote to tabulate those figures and study its effect on the county’s coffers.

The committees approved a request from Library Director Betsy Fisher to make a part-time position full time. The 30-hour position comes at an annual price of $20,280. The panels also OK’d a request from Assessor Tosha Horton to change a deputy assessor title to GIS analyst, with the same base salary as an administrative assistant, at $31,736.

The monthly quorum court meeting will take place at 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 14, 2022, in the Clark County District Courtroom. The meeting is open to the public.

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  1. I understand that a pay raise is justified, with inflation and gas being so high, but as a matter of principle, I don’t think JPs oughta be able to give themselves a raise. That should be voted on by the People, because the People are their bosses and that’s the People’s money they’re getting paid with. If it was put on the ballot, I’d probably vote yes, but I do think it would be a good idea to refer this to the voters and abide by their decision, whatever it may be. In my opinion, it should be a requirement, like with taxes.

    I 100% support more money for the Sheriff’s department, because it’s very important to keep Clark County safe. Keep in mind that Jason Watson is a Democrat, so him requesting MORE money for his department proves the divisive rhetoric about all Democrats supporting ‘defund the police’ is false.