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Old streets abandoned for development

By JOE MAY | The Southern Standard

Meeting in regular session Tuesday evening, the Arkadelphia Board of Directors voted to abandon parts of four platted, but undeveloped streets.

City Manager Gary Brinkley stated that in order for the Arkansas Transportation Department to develop its extension of 10th Street, the four platted streets must be legally abandoned by the city. In order to do this, the board adjourned into a public hearing to receive comments on the issue and, hearing none, went back into session.  

DeAnna Graves, Building Department Superintendent, showed the platted streets to directors and explained the location of each.

The first, Cottage Street, is near the junction of 9th and Carpenter streets, Graves said. The second street, which runs several blocks, is an extension of Henderson Street. It actually runs beneath the Barkman House on the Henderson State University campus, which was constructed in the 1860s, proving that the street was never developed since the city was incorporated in 1857.

Cass Street is an extension of 10th Street that was never developed or was closed so long ago that no records of its closure exist. Another roadway, which is in the vicinity of Sonic, was never given a name, she said.

Brinkley said ArDOT has requested the city pass all three readings of the ordinance at once in order to save time, rather than carrying the process out over three meetings.

Director Jason Jones remarked that he did not like the idea of passing the ordinance at the same meeting it was introduced, remarking that the state had ample time to have made the request for the streets to have been closed earlier. He voted against the second reading of the ordinance.

In the end, the motion was passed unanimously at the motion of Directors Keith Crews and Jones.

In other business, the board:
• Placed the annual 5-mill tax on its second reading at the motion of Directors Taylor Chaney and Crews.
• Heard Brinkley say the city’s annual Festival of the Arts will be held Friday and Saturday.