Arkadelphian among finalists in national journalism awards

The Arkadelphian has been selected as a finalist for a journalism award to be announced at the Independent News Sustainability Summit hosted by LION Publishers this October in Austin, Texas.

The news website is among 45 independent news organizations that is a finalist in one of 11 categories. The Arkadelphian is a finalist in its tier for the Public Service Award, which “recognizes general excellence in journalistic impact that successfully connects people with the information and services they need to navigate their lives and help make their communities more inclusive and equitable.”

The other finalists in the category are Knox Pages, a Three Rivers, Mich., publication that covered a series on a retirement plan for aging farmers in central Ohio as multigenerational farming becomes less apparent in the area; and the Watershed Voice, a Mansfield, Ohio, news company that delved into how a school-linked community adolescent center is removing accessibility and financial barriers between students and mental health services in post-pandemic times. The Arkadelphian‘s inclusion as a finalist is due to its launch in 2021, when there was no daily news organization available to cover local issues and events.

LION noted that “The work of this year’s finalists is yet another reminder that the digital transformation of news is full of opportunities, innovations and, above all else, hope for a more sustainable and equitable local news industry.”

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