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For the Week in Clark County History, we combed through bound copies of the Daily Siftings Herald, housed in the archives of Riley-Hickingbotham Library at Ouachita Baptist University. We choose some front-page news from editions dating back 10, 15 and 20 years ago.

10 years ago in Clark County

July 31, 2012
At the behest of Arkadelphia Parks and Rec director Mike Volz (deceased), the city’s Recreation Center opened its doors as a “heat relief center” for residents looking for relief from triple-digit temperatures.

Aug. 2, 2012
Work was in progress at Arkadelphia High School on renovations for New Tech classrooms.

Aug. 3, 2012
Arkadelphia was selected for a Mid-America Arts Alliance mural project. The mural would depict the Arkadelphia community and its people. The site that was eventually selected was on the west side of the Honeycomb Restaurant.

15 years ago in Clark County

July 31, 2007
Caddo Valley Mayor Alan Dillavou (deceased) voiced public opposition about the proposed 1/2-cent economic development sales tax, arguing that citizens in his city were taxed enough already from its advertising and promotion tax.

Aug. 1, 2007
The Arkadelphia City Board of Directors was set to find $15,000 from the city coffers for “preliminary studies” on a new traffic signal at 10th and Henderson streets. The addition of the light was in response to a pedestrian who was run over and killed at that location.

Aug. 3, 2007
Leaders of the Clark County Strategic Plan expressed the idea of a 24/7 education-focused daycare center in the Clark County Industrial Park.

Aug. 6, 2007
New security doors were added to the entrance of Arkadelphia High School.

20 years ago in Clark County

July 31, 2002
Central Primary School at 12th and Pine streets received an exterior facelift, with the building’s original bricks being covered in the process. The upgrades were said to be a fix to issues with rain.

Arkadelphia Chamber of Commerce director Blain Smith told reporters he was “optimistic” about the possibility of having a cinema in Arkadelphia. Smith reported that he had received numerous phone calls from theater companies expressing interest after reading newspaper articles in the Siftings.

Kreg’s Restaurant, located on West Pine Street and owned by restaurateur Kenneth Bowen (deceased), shut its doors. It specialized in fish and chicken plates.

Leaking diesel fuel was to blame for an early morning locomotive fire near Dexter Florence Memorial Field. No injuries resulted in the blaze.

Aug. 1, 2002
A $10,000 grant from the state Department of Heritage would be awarded to repair plumbing and electricity at the Girl Scout Hut on 8th Street.

Aug. 2, 2002
Arkadelphia city engineer Jimmy Bolt was tapped to become director of public works. Bolt would go on to become city manager.

Aug. 5, 2002
New lights were installed at Feaster Park.

Sheriff Troy Tucker (now county judge) reported that his office, with the aid of helicopters, seized 26 marijuana plants from an undisclosed location in rural Clark County.

Aug. 6, 2002
Two Caddo Valley aldermen resigned in protest of a proposal by Mayor Willard Thomason (deceased) to pave Mitchell Circle, where Thomason owned a trailer park.

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