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Real estate: Jester Logging purchases timberland for $460K

Clark County real estate transactions recorded July 1-15 having a value of $100,000 or greater. Information is gathered from public records held by the Clark County Circuit Clerk and on Data Scout. The Arkadelphian includes names of grantees, grantors, transaction price and property description available, and does not withhold names.

J&T Carter Farms LLC purchased 80 ares and a 1,427 SF dwelling on Hare Town Road from Walter and Celeste Oneal Joint Revocable Trust for $195,000. The property last sold in 2007 for $88,000.

Dallas and Michael Fennell purchased a 1,537 SF home and lot on Kristin Lynn Drive, Arkadelphia, from the Federal National Mortgage Association for $157,500. The property last sold for $115,000 in 2015.

Ian and Candice Alpperspach purchased a 3,055 SF home on North Park Drive from Charles and Melissa Perrin for $305,000. The Perrins bought the property in 2017 for $170,000.

Linda Calhoun purchased a 1,812 SF home on Millcreek Drive, Arkadelphia, from Patsy Pillard and Cheryl Gross for $225,000. The home last sold for $155,000 in 2008.

Justin and Angela Hardin purchased a 2,400 SF home on Dogwood Drive, Arkadelphia, from Gary ad Linda Gerber for $285,000. The Gerbers purchased the home in 2004 for $142,000.

Melissa Kimsey purchased a 1,280 SF home on the 2300 block of Pine Street, Arkadelphia, from Justin and Elizabeth Garner for $132,000. The Garners purchased the residence in 2021 at an estimated price tag of $15,000.

Phillips Jones purchased a 1,912 SF home on the 900 block of North 26th Street, Arkadelphia, from Jacob and Julie Mills for $205,000. The Mills had bought the home for $150,000 in 2019.

Wesley and Daniel Sutter purchased a commercial warehouse on Highway 8 West, Amity, from Curtis and Amy Sutton for $145,000. The Suttons had bought the building in 2013 for $25,000.

Emanual and Colena Yepez purchased a 2,130 SF home and 3 acres at the 100 block of Caddo Valley’s West Dodson Street from Robert and Ruby Levy for $215,000. The Levy’s owned the property since 2020, when they bought it for $140,000.

Johnny and Amber Fontenot purchased a 2,088 SF home on Evergreen Drive, Arkadelphia, from Gerald and Barbara Gillum for $165,000. The Gillums bought the place in 1992 for $11,000.

Stanley Brown purchased an 1,800 SF home on Eagle Drive, Arkadelphia, from Athena and Micha Welsh for $145,000. The property last sold for $95,000 in 2010 to Athena and Terry Holmes.

Robert and Deanna McSwain purchased a 1,448 SF home and 3 acres on Crystal Cove in Joan from William and Lacy Wolfe for $206,000. The Wolfes bought the property in 2012 for $125,000.

KW Jester Logging Inc. purchased 80 acres of timber land near Copeland Ridge Road from David McMillan and Marietta Shipley Trust for $460,733.

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