BITS & PIECES: Tuesday, May 31

Dear Texan motorists: if you’re going to fly past us on the straight-stretches, please be so kind as to drive the curvy Arkansas roads at a reasonable speed. We realize the landscape in The Natural State presents some challenges when it comes to driving our scenic highways, and we hope you enjoy the views. But if the curves are too much for you to handle, do us a solid and abide by the speed limit on the straighter sections of highway — that way we Arkansans won’t be forced to tailgate you in the curvy areas. Please and thank you.

As promised, The Arkadelphian is offering affordable advertising rates for local nonprofit organizations. We’ve also teamed up with Abigail Fowler Designs for your business or nonprofit’s branding or advertising needs. Our website has several spots available now, so hop on board and get your message seen by thousands of readers. Email for rates or more information.

If you have a recent graduate with no plans until college, the faith-based Project Transformation is looking for some help this summer. CLICK HERE for more information on this program.

Our apologies to any Yahoo! email users who aren’t receiving our twice-weekly newsletter. We spent some time Monday checking into that, and will continue sorting out this bug even if it means ditching the newsletter plugin we use for a better one. Haven’t subscribed yet? CLICK HERE to get started. Should you feel so compelled and want to support this enterprise financially, there’s an option on that page for non-tax-deductible donations.

Part 8/9
I saw her again the next week at a college gathering and, thanking her for that compliment, yelled across a deafening room, “You’re a goddess!” A week or so later, she called me and asked to hang out once I got off work from Pizza Hut. I accepted the offer.

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