POLL RESULTS: Who should be Arkadelphia’s next superintendent?

With 20 candidates having submitted an application to be the next superintendent of Arkadelphia Public Schools, The Arkadelphian asked its readers, “Who should be the next superintendent?”

In a poll that began on May 10 and ended at noon Monday, May 16, here’s how our readers voted:

Lloyd Jackson, 61 votes, 40.4%

Someone else, 29 votes, 19.21%

Carla Narlesky, 23 votes, 15.23%

Jennifer Barbarree, 14 votes, 9.27%

Bobby Applegate, 8 votes, 5.3%

Lisa Kissire, 4 votes, 2.65%

Ken Vaughn, 3 votes, 1.99%

Rick Gales, 2 votes, 1.32%

Those receiving 1 vote, 0.66%, were:

Steven Watkins

Laura Strickland

J. Lance Arbuckle

Judy Hubbell

Marvin Burton

Bruce Bryant

Suzette Anderson

Total votes: 151

Reader survey polls at are not scientific. They are conducted for the information and/or entertainment of our readers.

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