Humane Society offers tips on reporting abused animals

By Abigail Fowler
Humane Society of Clark County

Being on the board for the Humane Society of Clark County has taught me a lot about caring for the animals in our community. We want to help every animal in the best way without having to put them down, which is why we’re a no kill shelter. We aren’t associated with the government and therefore don’t get state funding. This means that important issues such as abused animal reports can’t go to us. There is nothing that we can do because it is an issue that the city and the police must get involved with. 

As an attempt to help these animals that you see are abused by their owners, here is the protocol you must follow for the city to turn them over to us to rehome:

  1. File a Police Report. Proper documentation overtime will help immensely if this becomes a reoccurring issue. Also, even if you only submit 1 report, you could possibly be 1 of 7 reported against the offender. Your report could be the deciding factor for the city to act. 
  2. Animal control is a local government resource. Communicating the issue to them will prompt a check-up and help save the animal. 
  3. Finally, as a final approach, contacting your city’s director with any photographed evidence of abuse will elevate this issue to the highest level. Please consider this only if the person is a repeat offender. The city director can work internally with the government to enact rules and guidelines to ensure this is no longer repeated.

The Humane Society is here to help in any way we can! This past year, we’ve consistently housed over 100 dogs at a singular time as well as over 30 cats in a singular time. Please adopt and don’t shop. We usually have more pet varieties than a store…. But I may personally be biased in saying that. 

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