5 companies in talks with Alliance

J.L. Griffin, CEO of the Economic Development Corp. of Clark County, said in a Tuesday meeting that he is in talks with at least five companies interested in bringing jobs to Clark County.

“Each one of these have told me not to comment or make any kind of a statement about what the name of their company is,” Griffin said. “I have talked to some of these companies more than two or three times on the phone. Some have called back more than once and we gave them some more information.”

The companies’ code names are:

Project “Boom”

Project “Teal”

Project “Big Fish”

Project “Fuel”

Project “Innovex”

The last project mentioned, “Innovex”, has been discussed publicly in previous EDCCC meetings. The company produces a charge used underground to tap oil and natural gas. While “Innovex” would manufacture a tool for the fracking industry, economic development officials are assuring there would be no fracking involved locally.

“Innovex” is interested in 70 acres of EDCCC land located on the 1,000-acre Supersite situated between Highway 67 and Interstate 30.

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  1. Why do they have to keep the names of these companies secret? What are they afraid of? What do they not want the People to know? Everyone in this county pays sales taxes, so everyone ought to know where our tax dollars are going! Part of the reason I’m running for Justice of the Peace is to restore accountability and transparency in Clark County. We can’t just let the elites take our money and give handouts to big corporations without any discussion with the community. Are any of these companies even small businesses? Is any of this money going to be invested in the Amity area? I hope the answer to both of those questions are “yes,” and I’ll fight to make that a reality if elected this November. Let’s drain the swamp!

    • Ms. Johnson, in many cases these are international companies with stockholders all around the world. If the people in Clark County are made aware of a potential expansion before a world wide public announcement is made, then any stock bought or sold on that information is considered “insider trading” and is punishable by fines, possibly jail time.
      Additionally, an early release of a project allows competitors in other communities to jump ahead of a project.
      No company, large or small, will even look at a community that releases information early or openly.
      I hope this helps explain why possible projects must be kept secret until the company makes an official announcement to its shareholders.

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