AGFC: Gurdon Lake home to some lunkers

From the AGFC Weekly Fishing Report
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission

Take a look at those big bass in the photo below this section — another case of a small waterbody producing some big bass. This catch is from 50-acre Gurdon Lake, situated about a half-hour drive south of Arkadelphia in Clark County. The AGFC has stocked Florida largemouth bass there since the AGFC acquired the lake from International Paper Co. in 1990.

These Florida largemouth bass were collected from Gurdon Lake during an electrofishing evaluation by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission

Anglers visiting the lake have said big bass often are elusive when pursued with rod and reel. AGFC staff collected these on a recent electrofishing evaluation of the bass fishery.

Nearly one in 10 bass collected with electrofishing was greater than 20 inches in length, and nearly 48 percent of the bass were greater than 15 inches. The staff collected fin clips as a continuation of monitoring the Florida bass genetics in Gurdon Lake. Several bass weighed from this sample were between 4-7 pounds.

Gurdon Lake has a concrete boat ramp adjacent to the Gurdon City Park. It’s a shallow lake with a maximum depth of about 13 feet, and there are numerous cut stumps throughout the shallow portion of the lake, so exercise caution when navigating.

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