Abigail Fowler: You are a feminist

By Abigail Fowler
Special to The Arkadelphian

Let me make this short and sweet: for those of you that say “Ugh… I am not a feminist. Those women are trashy.” You are telling the world that you are uneducated and want all women to submit to any man in every form no matter what he asks. What you mean to say is “I recognize my privilege from the feminists that came before me and am thankful, but don’t agree with certain extreme feminists.”

Similar to not all Islamists agreeing with the Taliban and not all Republicans agreeing with those who still support Trump, you are a feminist even if you don’t sign the petitions that women should be allowed to be topless in public since men get to be.

You are a feminist if:

  1. You are okay with women going to college.

2. Women in executive roles isn’t treason in your eyes.

3. You approve of women having the right to vote.

4. You wouldn’t get furious with your mother when she buys a property without her
husband’s signed permission.

5. Seeing a woman in a bikini doesn’t make you disgusted that she is exposing herself.

6. You are okay with women in the workforce.

7. A stay-at-home-dad isn’t the center of your friend’s gossip circle due to the “audacity”
of the working wife.

8. You are okay with women getting their tubes tied without first getting married in order
to get their husband’s written consent… oh wait… we still don’t fully have that right to
our own bodies.

9. You are okay with women wearing pants.

10. Women owning their own business is okay to you.

If after seeing all of this and you’re still disgusted with the feminist movement; then please move to an Amish community, convert to Orthodox Judaism, or join a male-dominated cult. That is the only way you will live a not-feminist-centered lifestyle… but even they do allow for some things so you will be out of luck with being truly anti-feminist.

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