Top 10 Airbnb’s in Arkansas

By Abigail Fowler
Special to The Arkadelphian

Switching from the 7-day work week to having weekends off (thank you, Henry Ford) was the start of civilization placing value over vacations. They are good for your mental health, have been proven to help you work more productively, and give your mind a chance to switch gears and try a different thought process. For those of you who, like me, want to see more of what the Natural State has to offer during your time off, let’s look at the top 10 Airbnb’s listed in Arkansas.

1. Bluegill Bungalow $110 a Night. Hardy, Arkansas. 5 guests.

This uniquely A-framed cabin is right on the water of Lake Kiwanie. With the décor a bit dated and a layout of 3 beds and 1 bedroom, this is the perfect getaway for families with young kids or very tight-knit friend groups who are looking more for quality bonding outdoors rather than staying in.

2. Luxury Titan II $396 a Night. Vilonia, Arkansas. 6 guests.

If SNL Weekend Update’s character, Stephan, were to team up with Elon Musk and build an Airbnb in Arkansas, I feel like it would come close to this in the best way. As a former nuclear missile complex, this place has everything: modern minimalist furniture, a neon lit tunneled hallway, coworking-styled communal spaces, a staircase with no clear indication on the site of where it leads to, Bluetooth speaker system, EV charging station, and pets are allowed. It is available for private parties.

3. Towerhouse Inn $375 a Night. Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 4 guests.

Close to downtown, this is a well-known spot that has made its way to the Airbnb circle. The inn advertises both suites and a full guest house on the property to rent. Any adults looking for an antiquing, bustling small-town styled getaway should definitely take the time to do the math on how much it would cost per person for this 4-guest space.

4. The Cozy Moose $225 a Night. Garland County, Arkansas. 3 guests.

With a name like that, you know this cabin is going to be an iconic, eccentric woodsy stay. Snowshoe and moose head décor set a tone while the hot tub on the porch a little way off from a fire pit set a scene. Although it claims to be for 3 guests, the chairs and mugs coming in twos and the singular bed suggest a couple’s retreat.

5. The Barn Loft $149 a Night. Hot Springs, Arkansas. 6 guests.

True to Southwest Arkansas fashion, you can stay in a bright red barn! Personally, this brings back all my childhood memories in Friendship. It might be my favorite. Located in a more woodsy area; half of the photos in the listing are of creeks, trees, and farm animals (oh my!). A bunk bed and campfire complete the look, to convey a family-fun vibe. A baby crib is available upon request.

6. Iris Hill Glamping $99 a Night. Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 2 guests.

Complete with a personal fire pit, Wi-Fi, multiple other pods feet away, woodsy settings, and proximity to downtown Eureka Springs (according to reviews); the space can best be summed up as “all aspects of Arkansas charm rolled into one.” It truly seems like the best layout for newer couples who might not have the same interests as each other. One day can be spent in town, the other in the woods, and everyone will always have access to the internet if they’re debating on where to eat. College students could also benefit from this glamping experience’s affordable price to rent multiple pods near each other for a group trip.

7. Bull Bayou Hideaway $91 a Night. Piney, Arkansas. 5 guests.

For those of you whose nightmares don’t consist of getting murdered and dumped in a pond like Tom Epperson’s “The Gift” (sorry to throw your movie under the bus, cuz), this would be a wonderful group getaway! Listed as a studio with a very interesting oven set-up, this space seems ideal for a rustic, summertime getaway for fishing and swimming. The listing does reference a drop in water levels from November to March, so it could also be a beneficial place to stay during those months if you don’t want to deal with sounds of traffic on the water.

8. Miss Fancy $144 a Night. Hot Springs, Arkansas. 4 guests.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to stay in one of those colorful houses on the top of the hill in downtown Hot Springs. Now take that hand you’ve raise and move it over to your computer mouse to click on this link! In all the vibes of 1958’s “Gigi,” this vintage-vibe stay is complete with Moulin Rouge-aesthetic photos on the walls and a princess-styled canopy daybed. This space is designed for a niche audience and is expertly accentuated for them! If you want a staycation that’s a casual drive from Arkadelphia, but feels like a whole new world, this is your place!

9. The Perch $172 a Night. Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 2 guests.

In a décor setting best described as “that camp from either Parent Trap movie” this small cabin is situated to overlook Lake Lucerne in an invitingly rustic way. Accessibility to the water doesn’t seem as easy despite its proximity. Due to this, I suggest this retreat to anyone who loves the lake-life aesthetic, but not the hassle of getting out on the water. As the photos suggest, it seems like an ideal spot for bird watchers due to its elevation being eye-level to treetops. This could also be a good single-person writing retreat location… I may be booking a trip to get more articles written…

10. Winnamocka’s Treehouses $440 a Night. Arkadelphia, Arkansas. 5 guests.

It’s time to relive your local camp memories with a stay in the Toucan Treehouse. This 2 bedroom, tropically-themed space is elevated far off the ground for a birds-eye-view of this exciting campground. A stove and oven are included as well as Wi-Fi and a washer/dryer, so there will truly be no reason to leave the grounds during your stay. The nature of the camp-ground makes me want to mark this as a “family vacation,” but given the nature of this Airbnb alone, it could truly be turned into any ideal stay for couples, adult friend groups, or a teen sleepover birthday party (to name a few).

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