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Clark County real estate transactions through March 14

Clark County real estate transactions recorded March 1 through March 14 having a value of $100,000 or greater. Information is gathered from public records held by the Clark County Circuit Clerk. The Arkadelphian includes names of grantees, grantors, transaction price and property description available, and does not withhold names.

March 2

Emma and Joseph Howell purchased Lot 165 in the Druid Hills addition of Arkadelphia from Lee and Kimberly Greenfield for $154,900.

T&D Holdings LLC purchased Lots 7-8 of Block 64 of Brownings Survey from National Apprenticeship Training Foundation Inc. for $216,000.

March 3

Arkansas State Highway Department purchased part of Lot 4 of Block 6 of Peake’s Survey and part of Lot 17 of Trigg’s Addition from BBL Inc. for $359,825.

Arkansas State Highway Department purchased Lots 1 and 6-10 of Block 5 of Brownings Survey from Blackmon Oil Co. Inc. for $459,275.

March 4

Plyler Family Trust purchased part of Sections 2, 3, 4 and 11 T8S R19W (746 acres) and S1/2 of SE1/4 of SW1/4 of S4 T8S R19W (19.32 acres) from Linda S. Smith 2001 Trust for $2,077,000.

Cory and Kelly Stiles purchased Lot 1 of Block 4 of Western Hills from Stafford Investment Properties LLC for $190,000.

Christopher and Melanie Bobo purchased Lot 17 of Magnolia Estates from Merissa and Ramon Engledowl for $259,000.

March 7

Marc A. Hanks purchased part of S1/2 of NW1/4 of S20 T6WS R19W (.44 acre) from Lois Marie Sago for $123,000.

Stephanie K. and Randy J. Windham purchased Lot 21 of Joan Estates from Nathan Lee and Kortney Wells for $180,000.

March 10

Melugin Properties LLC purchased a portion of S20 T6S R19W (.195 acre) from Brian M. and Mandy T. Grimm for $105,500.

March 11

Edgar Blom purchased a portion of S19 T7S R19W (.82 acre) from Denney Construction Inc. for $169,999.

Burnham Investments LLC purchased SW1/4 of NW1/4 of S8 T7S R19W (1.21 acres) from Randy and Lori Stewart for $200,000.