The Silenced Majority: Cui Bono

By Bob Wiley

For a nation’s leaders to negatively impact the lives of every citizen — through the increasing prices caused by policy decisions — and then refuse to use a clear domestic solution because of Al Gore and ManBearPig, there is something bigger at play. So, Cui Bono? Who stands to gain? Because it’s not Bob Wiley, I can assure you of that.

The consequences of the rounds of stimulus were easily foreseeable. It’s not like economists deep down believed that there wouldn’t be considerable inflation. They knew. Everyone knew. State governments shut down anyone who really needed to be open — lower/middle class — unnecessarily and flooded the economy with printed fiat dollars. They made people grovel to Daddy for sustenance. They like making people do that. It makes them feel good, fixing a problem that they themselves created.

As we watched prices inch higher and higher, many didn’t even go back to work because Daddy’s allowance was more than their wages, further hurting the small businesses that managed to make it through the shutdowns. Amazon wasn’t hurting, Wal-Mart wasn’t messed up about it. Can’t shut them down. Can’t do it.

So now, as the pandemic hysteria is subsiding, and more people are back at work, developing budgets and getting into a routine for normal life, we’ve got this happening: gas at $4 a gallon. But it’s the least we can do in order to protect Ukraine’s fweeeedom, right? With prices at $119 a barrel and articles floating around talking about how rejecting Russian oil will usher in the $300 barrel, I think we need to reconsider this whole “it’s the least we can do” idea and start diving into the fact that no one has brought up the Biden-Birisma scandal these past few weeks. Anyone remember what country that was in? I-kraine, U-kraine, we all kraine for … whatever, fill in the blank this whole damn thing just pisses me off. To me it’s as if the people who don’t know, just don’t want to. It’s like some self-preserving defense mechanism to be so blind that you can’t see what’s happening in front of your face. YOU NEED TO WAKE UP!

Crippling Russia’s economy through both severe sanctions and the banning of their oil is creating surging gas prices domestically and will break the back of our middle class if we don’t find a timely solution. I’m not going to bring up the fact that we have a mountain of oil underneath us and couldn’t burn through it in a lifetime. But of course, our senile dear leader insists that he hasn’t done anything to hinder our domestic production capacity. It makes you wonder if he actually believes the things that he says out loud.

Joe Biden’s baby, the Build Back Better bill, by definition requires brokenness. The quick fix would throw a wrench into the plan and we are witnessing said brokenness occur in real time. The Covid-19 pandemic immediately followed by this crisis in Eastern Europe are two of the mechanisms pushing us closer to what Klaus Schwabb at the World Economic Forum refers to as The Great Reset.  

They want us weak, they want us broken, and they want power. They want our world and our nation completely transformed by 2030. They want us dependent. Look up the Cloward-Piven strategy.

Make no mistake about it: the gears of war are spinning and those who stand to gain are not you and they are not me.  The warhawks Lindsey Graham and the late John McCain wanted this for years, and now they’re getting it. So it is time to make your voices heard because once we are in it, there’s no going back. 

If you want to go help the Ukrainians, more power to you. Helping others is noble. Forcing people to risk their lives and making unilateral political decisions that drains their bank account in order to help others is different. So for all you who want to volunteer, the sign up process is right here. I just hope that you’re up to date with the latest diversity, equity and inclusion training. Maybe you can get that knocked out on the flight over. I can’t be sure you won’t be turned away if you’re not up to date, that’s all. I doubt you get reimbursed for your flight. Might want to call ahead of time just to be safe.

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