Supporters line overpass, crowd parking lots for Freedom Convoy despite truckers’ no-show

By Wendy Ledbetter
For The Arkadelphian

The formal American Freedom Convoy may have failed to show up at the appointed time along Interstate 30 in Clark County, but the American spirit was out in force. 

A group of homeschool students and adult family members show their support for the American Freedom Convoy. Photo by Wendy Ledbetter

News began to circulate on Facebook Tuesday afternoon that the American Freedom Convoy was to leave Little Rock at noon Wednesday, traveling west on I-30 to Texarkana. By 12:30, there were several people standing along overpasses and service roads. Some had banners or American Flags. Others were just present to show their support. Despite the fact that the formal convoy had not shown up by 2 p.m., there were plenty of trucks honking out their approval for the show of support. From short “toots” to blasts of powerful airhorns, the messages were clear. 

A Clark County resident parks on a service road, displaying an American Flag as he waits for the convoy. Photo by Wendy Ledbetter

Groups were present at the Gum Springs overpass, a parking lot at Caddo Valley, the truck stop parking lot at the Gurdon exit, and on the service road at the Gurdon exit. That latter group included four young homeschool students along with about 10 adults. 

One of the adults said the students have been talking recently about protests and activism. The lessons continued as they discussed that “It’s okay to stand up for what you believe in.” 

In the end, it was disappointing that the convoy passed through late (or not at all), but the communication between the passing vehicles and those gathered for a very small but important show of support served as a reminder of the American spirit. 

Trucks honk out their approval of those gathered along Interstate 30. Photo by Wendy Ledbetter

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